Additional Services


Flawless skin is everyone's dream- our line makes

it a reality. Try Glo-Minerals make-up today!

*If you purchase $50 or more of product, application session is free!

Glo-Minerals Make-up Application ~



Ear Candling ~


A hollow waxed cloth candle is used. Ear

candling primary purpose is to remove wax.

This may improve any of the following conditions:

sinus problems, sore throat, ear ache, swimmer's ear,

chronic headaches, allergies  and hearing difficulty.

(30 min.) $30

Tiarah Reflexology ~

Our skilled professionals apply pressure to the

feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and

hand techniques. This technique relaxes tension, 

improves circulations and assists nature

in normalizing the body.

(60 min.) $50