Body Wraps & Treatments

Steamy Wonder Treatment ~
The Steamy Wonder Treatment is a 20 minute

steam session and it is included in our steamy

wonder body treatments.

I. The Relaxing Royal Lavender

Aroma Therapy Treatment ~
If you love lavender, this treatment is for you! Lavender

is known for its calming and relaxing properties and

is great anytime of the year.

(60 min.) $75

II. The Blissful Soothing Rose Treatment ~
This treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to smell

like a dozen roses. This treatment leaves your body

feeling smooth and soft.

(60 min.) $75

III. The Tiarah Herbal Body Treatment & Body Scrub ~
This treatment is gentle and deep cleansing. It eliminates

dead cells, superficial toxicity, impurities, and sebum

accumulation. Renders the skinʼs roughs areas soft and

smooth. The body scrub will result in a more youthful skin.

(60 min.) $75

IV. Cellulite, Toning and Energizing Treatment ~
A steam treatment using tonic oil that strengthens and

tones the skinʼs tissues. An excellent treatment to avoid

loss of firmness during dieting. It fights against stretch 

marks formation and leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

A cellulite activating gel is applied to cellulite areas. This gel

activates blood circulation and detoxifies the body. This is a

great treatment for weight loss! This treatment needs to

be complimented by a healthy lifestyle and diet.

(60 min.) $75

Steam Session Treatment ~
This treatment the client will experience a steam

session with their favorite essential oil.

(30 min.) $25

Tiarah Full Body Seaweed Wrap ~  
A thin layer of seaweed is applied to the body. This wrap

will leave your skin nourished, hydrated and detoxified. 

*With a steam session add only $15 more!

(60 min.) $60