Let our massage therapist give you a massage that you will never forget!
Tiarah Customized Massage ~
This massage is designed to give you a complete
relaxing body massage plus work on one or
two problem areas if you'd like.
(60 min.) $60
(45 min.) $52

Tiarah Day Spa Massage ~  

Indulge yourself! Let our massage therapist work on

problem area and still have time to massage the entire body.

(90 min.) $80

Tiarah Hot Stone Massage ~


This treatment has become one of the most popular

massages of choice. The use of heated polished stones,

oils and massage is used to send heat through the

muscles, increasing circulation, nourish and oxygenate

muscle tissue and provide deep relaxation.

(60 min.) $68
(90 min.) $85

Tiarah "Mother to Be" Massage ~

During this special time when your body is changing,

why not enjoy a massage that is designed for you?

Soft cushions are used to help properly support your

body from head to belly to toe. Experience a blissful

state of relaxation that even baby can benefit from.

*massage is not recommended during the first trimester

and always ask your doctor if massage is suitable for you.


(60 min.) $60
Tiarah Sports Massage ~
Gentle passive stretching aids in soothing
tired and aching muscles.
(60 min.) $60
Tiarah Mini Massage ~  
This massage is targeted to the person who wants
intensive work on specific problems and muscle groups.
(30 min.) $45
Chair Massage ~
Tiarah Reflexology Massage~
​Deep pressure is applied to the feet with specific thumb
and hand techniques.  This technique releases tension and 
improves circulation.  Great for planters fasciitis.
(45 min.) $50